Art And Feminism

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This exciting series situates the work of individual artists within the bigger picture of modern art. The uninitiated reader and the scholar alike need look no further to understand the prevailing art tendencies of our time. The development of modern and contemporary art has been dominated by fundamental, revolutionary movements – such as Abstract Expressionism, Pop, Conceptual or Minimal art – and recurring themes: the artists relation to the body, to the environment, to questions of gender and identity. The Themes and Movements series is the first to document twentieth-century and recent art fully by combining expert narrative, key works and original documents. As exhaustive as a full-scale museum overview, each volume presents the key works of art associated with a particular tendency. The series also offers direct access to the voice of the artist and to primary texts and documents by critics, historians, curators, and theorists. A unique archive of the innovations, discourses and controversies that have shaped art today, each book features a comprehensive survey by a distinguished scholar.

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