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The Spanish humanist Antonio de Nebrija (1444-1522) is the author of an impressive body of scientific work which comprises a broad spectrum of humanistic knowledge. While the languages dealt with by Nebrija include not only Latin and Spanish, but the most prominent Romance languages, his grammatical work focuses on Latin, Castillian, Greek and even Hebrew. Moreover, his (bilingual) lexicographical studies combine Spanish, Latin, French, Catalan and Italian. In addition, there are medical dictionaries, dictionnaries of law, works on the Holy Bible, geographical research, treatises on rhethoric and history as well as on many other areas of contemporary knowledge. Most of these works have been published for allmost five centuries, thus inspiring European and missionary linguistics as well as Western philological traditions. They have served as models and sources for a great number and range of studies conducted and published not only in Spain, but nearly all over the world. Apart from the original version of Nebrijas works, numerous copies, also continuously produced during the past centuries, are accessible in international libraries. Many of these copies possess a great bibliographical value. The Bibliografía Nebrisense is a catalogue, listing the different editions of Nebrijas highly diversified ?uvre. It provides information on the technical caracteristics of the individual editions and their respective locations. A complete bio-bibliographical study is added together with an exhaustive listing of secondary sources.El humanista español Antonio de Nebrija (1444-1522) fue autor de una ingente obra que abarcó los más variados campos de los saberes humanísticos y en la que, además, estaban implicadas no sólo latín y español, sino las principales lenguas románicas. Sus obras de tema gramatical, donde se encuentran latín, castellano, griego o hebreo, sus repertorios lexicográficos bilingües, donde se combinan español, latín, francés, catalán e…

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Autor: Hans Josef Niederehe Miguel Angel Esparza Torres

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Descargas: 1932

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