Caracterizacion Y Evaluacion Del Potencial Expansivo De Suelos Arcillosos En Cabo Rojo

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libro Caracterizacion Y Evaluacion Del Potencial Expansivo De Suelos Arcillosos En Cabo Rojo

This MS thesis involves characterizing and evaluating the expansion potential of several clayey soils from the area of Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. The samples were collected from two test pits excavated as part of this project and were also obtained from a geotechnical consultant that had performed a study in the vicinity of the test pit locations. The experimental program involved in-situ field tests and laboratory tests. The laboratory program involved geotechnical classification of the soils, gradation, Atterberg limits, mineralogy characterization, and tests for assessing swell potential of clayey soils. The mineralogy characterization involved determination of specific surface area, cation exchange capacity, infrared spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis, X-Ray diffraction, and X-Ray fluorescence. Results from these tests revealed significant presence of montmorillonite. The mineralogy combined with test results of swell pressure and free swell revealed that some of the soils tested from Cabo Rojo can experience a free swell greater that 40% and swell pressures greater than 35,000 psf. The results of this investigation confirmed presence of expansive soils in this area of the Cabo Rojo region of Puerto Rico.

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