Códice Chavero De Huexotzingo

The Codex Chavero de Huexotzingo is a document elaborated in 1578 and until now never before published complete. This integrated version includes the 300 folios of the paleographic version of the document, now part of the holdings of the Archivo General de la Nación and the National Library of Anthropology and History (INAH). Author Brito Guadarrama also included in his thorough study 18 color plates with summarized information of the 21 tributary neighborhoods of Huexotzingo, (Puebla, Mxico) and a detailed analysis of the glyph numeral system used in the codex and apparently the system used by the tlacuilos huexotzincas. The book received the prize INAH Francisco Javier Clavijero 2005 for the best thesis in history and ethno-history.