Compendio Estadístico Mundial De Cueros Y Pieles Sin Curtir, Cueros Y Calzado De Cuero 1982-2000

The 2001 edition of the «World statistical compendium for raw hides and skins, leather and leather footwear 1982-2000» is the ninth issue in a series that FAO started publishing in 1980 in response to the growing demand for coherent statistical data on hides, skins and derived products. This issue provides up-to-date information to 2000 on this heterogeneous group of commodities for both developed and developing countries. It is based on the same integrated approach used in the previous compendia, which compares figures for the subsequent stages of processing from raw hides to finished products for about 180 countries. Brief analytical notes highlighting the salient features and changes that have taken place in the sector over time have also been included..