Competencias Para La Ciudadanía

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libro Competencias Para La Ciudadanía

CIVIC COMPETENCIES – Reflection, decision, action – What education do we want for this moment and for the future for citizens? The building of a viable future in which democracy, equity, social justice, peace and harmony with our natural environment, and the ethic of responsible citizenship are shared values, passes today as education for citizenship, a project that has as a horizon, the formation of responsible and free persons to engage in democratic processes with a new ecological, peaceful reasoning, inclined to solidarity, called to construct the value of the different and to be sensitive to any human relation. From the formal educational angle, this book responds to the urgent need to create projects generative of a new culture that gives alternative responses to the needs and challenges of our globalized world, that permits the integral development of persons, that considers social diversity as a riches and not as conflict, loss of identity or a motive for exclusion, and that sustainably cares for life and resources of the planet.

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