Controlling Your Day In An Uncontrollable World

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libro Controlling Your Day In An Uncontrollable World

Do you plan your life as carefully as you plan your vacations? Do you manage your time as well as you manage your money? Do you miss deadlines, stay up late at night, and encounter stress, crisis, and overload? Bestselling author Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, will show you how to effectively manage your time in a world largely out of your control. Laura will help you: • Create a realistic daily schedule and to-do list. • Avoid bottlenecks caused by people or processes. • Understand how much your time is worth. • Save time in bits and pieces. • Make productive use of downtime. • Learn quick decision making techniques. When you manage your time effectively, you will experience results, recognition, free time, clarity, and focus. With proper time management, you will feel a sense of accomplishment each day. Laura Stack will help you take a good look at your current habits and learn how to use the time within your control. Youll increase your productivity and efficiency at work and home!

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