Developmental Assignments: Creating Learning Experiences Without Changing Jobs (spanish)

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libro Developmental Assignments: Creating Learning Experiences Without Changing Jobs (spanish)

This book is modeled after Eighty-Eight Assignments for Development in Place, one of the Center for Creative Leaderships most popular publications. In the years since that report was published, we have learned more about development in place–from research, from working with managers and organizations that are making use of developmental assignments, and from our colleagues in the field. We believe it is time once again to consolidate our knowledge into one tool to help leaders add developmental assignments to their own jobs and help others do the same. The tables inside this book are full of assignments. Youll also find cross-references to CCLs assessment tools: 360 by Design, Executive Dimensions, Benchmarks, Prospector, and Skillscope. If you want to target the development of specific competencies as a result of receiving feedback from any of these, the cross-references will direct you to appropriate assignments.

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