El Mono Que Cambia De Color

El mono que cambia de color has been written for children aged 7 – 11 by a qualified and experienced foreign languages teacher, but the lovely storyline and colourful pictures may also interest children learning Spanish of other ages. After all, we all enjoy stories! In the story, a monkey eats a multicoloured flower and then he doesnt feel well. The next day he eats some peas, and he turns green! He keeps on changing colour when he eats something of a different colour. But what colours will he turn? Will he ever return to his usual colour? Read to the end of the book to see what happens! This book is an ideal way of practicing the Spanish words and phrases for general conversation, days of the week, colours, some food and opinions about things you like to eat. This is the Spanish version of the story, and the story is also available in other languages.