Fishing And Fish Sauces In Ancient Times: The Onuba S Coast. Situation (6th B.c. To 4th A.c.).

This investigation work has a double meaning. From one side it analyses all the fishing techniques and fish sauces techniques known all over the Ancient World and from the other side it analyses the bibliographical and archaeological data known for the area which covers the mouths places for the rivers Guadiana and Guadalquivir and the present coast of Huelva. To this, we have to add the fact that the demographical importance of the mining zone of Huelva was a both an attraction pole itself and a demanding zone for the manufacturing of close to and industrial scale of food, second class fish sauce manufactured from all season species of fish from the coast, and it also allowed the consumption of salt and proteins at normal price in an area, the mining places, where the production of food was not the main aim for their inhabitants.