Ingeniería Tisular Para El Tratamiento De Las Lesiones Osteocondrales

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libro Ingeniería Tisular Para El Tratamiento De Las Lesiones Osteocondrales

Introduction: Articular cartilage is a structure with a limited regenerative capacity. Osteochondral lesions present a complex management, multiple treatments have been developed. The new cell therapy with MSCs and the combination with highly specialized biomaterials holds great promise to get a perfect regeneration. Material and methods: We performed a xenograft animal model of osteochondral defect in 6 rabbits. MSCs were obtained from the iliac crest of humans, incorporated into a recombinant elastin hydrogel. It was implanted in ostheochondral defect in rabbits. The results were evaluated with multiple histological staining, immunohistochemistry, Wakitani scale and MRI and 3D CT. Results: In the radiological analysis with MRI in experimental group was observed regeneration of articular cartilage with integration with adjacent cartilage. In the 3D CT was observed regeneration in subchondral bone . In histological stains can see regeneration of articular cartilage in all layers and the beginning of this in the subchondral bone at the expense of human MSCs. It was demonstrated by immunohistochemistry. These findings were not observed in the control group. Wakitani scale was statistically significant between the two groups. Discussion: The collection of MSCs from the iliac crest is a simple procedure, we can test the ability of differentiation and termovariables of the MSCs with biomaterials. The hydrogel was appropriated, integrating seamlessly with the native cartilage. It had also important qualities for arthroscopic approach. The use of MRI as a diagnostic test for chondral injury and 3D tomography reconstructions of subchondral bone lesions were appropriated. Conclusions: The use of MSCs with recombinant elastin hydrogel can regenerate osteochondral lesions in animal models.

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