Los Mas Bellos Cuentos: Violeta: Que Contaran Muchas Veces

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libro Los Mas Bellos Cuentos: Violeta: Que Contaran Muchas Veces

Written in Spanish and beautifully illustrated, LOS MAS BELLOS CUENTOS is a collection of classic stories that attract the interest of children of all ages. This collection teaches children values, such as truth, justice, loyalty, and love of life. Undoubtedly, these are values that uphold and promote a culture of peace. The stories -even with their intense drama-transmit a significant share of optimism and renewed hope that encourages children. Therefore, the stories depict a decisive role in the life of the child and provide a valuable educational tool. We invite you to join this magical collection, from all those who participated in the selection and preparation of Most Beautiful Stories, down to our small and dear readers.

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Número de páginas: 52

Autor: Alejandra Eribiti

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