Los Trionfi De Petrarca Comentados En Catalán

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libro Los Trionfi De Petrarca Comentados En Catalán

This is the first complete edition of the fifteenth-century manuscripts containing the anonymous Catalan translation of Bernardo Illicinos commentary of Petrarchs Triumphs. The original manuscript was divided in two parts, one of which is in the National Library of Paris and the other in the Ateneu in Barcelona. Although this text has been catalogued by scholars as a classic in Catalan studies, no one until now had undertaken the task of preparing a complete edition because of its complexity. This manuscript represents the first attempt to introduce Petrarchs Triumphs to readers in the Iberian Peninsula and, therefore, it constitutes an essential document for the study of Petrarchism. In comparison with later versions of the Triumphs in the Iberian Peninsula, the order of the different triumphs, as well as the order and content of their chapters, is an important tool to trace the manuscript family and to establish its date. This manuscript presents the translations of Illicinos commentary, as the original Petrarchs verses are left in Italian. Because of this, from the point of view of translation, some interesting questions can be raised about its nature, purposes and the readers for which it was intended. It also underscores how Italian Humanism was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula through the Catalan-speaking intellectuals in the Aragonese Crown. Written in Spanish with Petrarchs verses preserved in the original Italian.

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