Renata La Grunona / Renata, The Grumpy

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libro Renata La Grunona / Renata, The Grumpy

Renata wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. From the moment Renata wakes up and stubs her toe, shes sure its going to be a very, very bad day. Then theres the rain outside and the shirt thats misbuttoned. No wonder she has a fight with Gabriel and runs away. Thats okay–till night falls, and Renata sits in her tree house all alone as evening falls. Will Renata swallow her pride and go home again? Any child who has ever had a grumpy day–and which one hasnt?–will find comfort in the warm story and adorable pictures.

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Número de páginas: 23

Autor: Miriam Moss

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