Rumores De Otro Mundo: Que Nos Falta Aqui En La Tierra?

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libro Rumores De Otro Mundo: Que Nos Falta Aqui En La Tierra?

SPANISH EDITION. Starting with the following question, the author unveils an in-depth look at the pertinence and relevance of our faith in the world in which we live. Does our faith deceive us into believing in a world that doesnt really exist, or, more likely, does it reveal the existence of a world that cant be seen without faith? Throughout chapters like Partial life, Designer sex, The gift of guilt and others, this award-winning author helps us to understand the fullness of the reality in which we live, in both spiritual and mundane ways. In conclusion, the book proposes that the Christian faith is a primary requirement for living and enjoying this world to the fullest.

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Número de páginas: 272

Autor: Philip Yancey

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