Siempre Crece: La Piel (always Growing: Skin) (spanish Version)

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libro Siempre Crece: La Piel (always Growing: Skin) (spanish Version)

When reptiles and amphibians shed their skin, we can clearly see the process. These are not the only animals that shed. Did you know that humans shed too? We cannot always see when our skin sheds, but it happens all the time. This engaging book illustrates the stages that an iguana goes through when shedding its skin. Featuring vivid photographs with clear labels correlated with each photo, children will be engaged and use oral language skills as they interpret each photo and describe what they are seeing.

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Número de páginas: 12

Autor: Dona Herweck Rice

Tamaño: 1.69 - 2.18 MB

Descargas: 438

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