Siglo Vi Bce Milesio

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libro Siglo Vi Bce Milesio

Ancient history around Century VI BCE, Ancient Egypt make military, cultural, religious and commercial alliance with Milesian Greeks at the New Empire in Egypt that was the growth of scientific science and philosophical reasonings on which Thales predict the Sun Eclipse in the year 585 BCE, also too Anaximander and Pythagoras initiate western science and the Freedom of Democracy. For the first time in the long evolution of humankind Anaximander and Pythagoras get the goal to measure the Ecliptic Obliquity of the apparent sun travel as the first scientific western understanding of space time. Around 700 years ago the Kadesh War between Hitites and Egyptian (19) Dynasty XIX yields the judiciary treatment of Peace between Nations of different tribal formation, the Peace Treaty redacted by Rammeses II it is preserved today in the walls of the United Nations Organization building, gaining the Greeks a deep understanting of the Fourfold of Osiris preserved by Rammeses II in Abu Symbal. Milesian citizens of the Greek Polis in Asia Minor are the most important feature of the History preserved by Herodoto in Clio the First Muse and Caliope the Ninth Muse, artistic greek narrative related to the Persian Wars in Asia Minor and how Greeks develop a new State formation under the rule of hereditary relations of Egyptians, Asiatic and Spartan Kingdom that in day-to-day language of layman we call Freedom of Democracy. Egyptologist today remarks the interaction between Asia Minor, Greeks and the Egyptian Architects (Physician) in the times of the (26) Dynasty XXVI through the Aegean Sea to reinforce fair-trade support and military alliance against the Persian Wars.

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