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Are you planning on visiting a Spanish speaking country, but you don’t know a word of Spanish? Are you frustrated with the misunderstandings and unable to communicate with other Spanish speakers? Maybe you want to visit a Latin country soon, but you’re terrified of how you will need to manage without knowing the local language? The thought about traveling to a new country where you can’t understand or speak the language can sound scary. But it doesn’t have to be. What if you want to grab a taxi? How will you ask for directions? No worries, millions of people have been in a similar situation you are in too. Learning an entire language can sound scary and almost impossible. But it doesn’t have to be! Meaning you don’t have to be hunched over multiple Spanish textbooks, studying multiple hours a day. You don’t have to work with hard to understand Spanish guides. Evidently, did you know that it is possible to learn a language too much to the point it becomes hard? In 2014, a study conducted by Amy Finn for the MIT journal PLOS ONE had found that when adults learn a new language, they can learn too much at once to the point it becomes hard and frustrating. This is due to adults’ immense cognitive abilities that get in the way of learning and understanding language that is supposed to be easy and straightforward to learn. This means it’s possible to put so much effort into learning a language, it becomes counter-intuitive hard and feels impossible to learn at all. Thankfully, in this book you will find simple and attractive ways to understand Spanish and its grammar. Without the frustrating and complicated language rules that are hard to understand, this book will help you feel confident and give you the everyday vocabulary to help you survive a visit to a Latin Country. This book includes: Daily Spanish Lessons: The New And Proven Concept To Speak Spanish In 45 Days Learn Spanish In Your Car: How To Learn Spanish Fast While Driving To Work In this book you’ll discover:…

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