The Iliad

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libro The Iliad

HOMER SPEAKS – LISTEN UP! More than 3,000 years after the fall of Troy, here at last is a rendition of the Homeric epic that everybody can understand and appreciate. The world cant hear Homer speak his own words, but Stanley Lombardo is the next best thing. Reading his own acclaimed (unabdriged) translations, Lombardos insightful rendition takes advantage of the rhythms and other poetic resources of everyday American speech. The result provides cinematic and performance qualities to the time-honored poetry–sharp scene cuts, dynamic language, urgency of the characters (human and divine). His virtuoso performance in these audiobooks reflects years of experience before a wide variety of audiences–beautifully paced, shaped, intoned, and acted throughout. Stanley Lombardo is a Professor of Classics at Kansas University

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Autor: A T Murray Homer

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