Habla Español ¡ya! Nivel Intermedio Para Cualquier Extranjero

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libro Habla Español ¡ya! Nivel Intermedio Para Cualquier Extranjero

Hi, my name is Bertha Estela and my passion is teaching languages. In fact, I have taught English as a foreign language for over forty years, all the way through grade school up to university level. One day, twenty years ago during Summer school, due to an emergency, the university where I was teaching English requested me to help them out the next day – substituting a teacher of Spanish who had fallen sick. I didn ́t give it a second thought …¡¡¡¡ piece of cake!!!. Next morning , there I am, standing in front of a group of 20 enthusiastic and eager American teachers full of questions and doubts,…. with an open book and an optimistic smile, but without the foggiest idea of the reason why the word order was so convoluted and the conjugation of the verbs so complicated. Imagine, I had to translate to English the structures that the book introduced in my mother tongue – in order to come up with the name of the tense. I thought I was going to drop dead. In fact, unconsciously, I think I was praying for that to happen. That experience made me decide to study a Masters in the teaching of Spanish as a second language, and then write a series of five books covering all the structures that do not transfer from English to Spanish, which by the way Editorial Trillas still has on their list. Now, being retired and terribly excited with the option of buying books online, I have written two small workbooks that cover the above mentioned structures from a different angle. I am positive they will prove to be an excellent tool to clarify and drill them in an innovative form that may help students understand and master the pitfalls that any foreign student learning my wonderful romance language – SPANISH, will have to surpass. If you have any doubt or need further explanations or drills, contact me at bertha.loya.2012@hotmail.com without any cost. I will be delighted to help you out. Trust my word. Remember: TEACHING IS MY PASSION.

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