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Legacy of the Keys is a trilogy. Book One, Guardian of the Holy Keys is an action adventure novel in manner of Dan Browns book, Angels and Demons . It is filled with marvelous characters, intriguing dialogue and an engrossing storyline. Nearing the end of the Dark Ages, the lust for power and wealth ran rampant through the halls of the Vatican. The most powerful families struggled for this power. After the murder of the reigning pope, a lowly priest was elected. Realizing that no one man should have such power, he hides the keys that were handed down from St. Peter to each pope. Centuries later his namesake finds a manuscript hidden in the papal apartments giving the location of one of the keys hidden in the archives. The key is stolen, evil is once again unleashed, and the lust for power and wealth is rampant as one of the cardinals makes a play for the ultimate power the keys hold. Book Two …coming in the spring of 2014.

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Autor: Safiya Baksh Hosein

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