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libro Rubiaceas De Mexico

This book written in Spanish language text is the first complete monograph of the Rubiaceae family (with about 650 genera and 13,000 species in the world), which is one of the most important in the flora of Mexico. The book contains descriptions and identification keys for 103 genera and over 600 taxa, including 585 species among them, more than 2500 synonyms, and followed by 107 illustrations of artistic value on the most important species. It also includes a many-sided phytogeographic summary about the role of the family in the Caribbean region. The book serves as a tool for the correct identification of the plants belonging in the highly complex family, offering solutions for largely debated taxonomic problems, e.g. for the complexes of Rondeletia, Portlandia, Deppea, Omiltemia, etc. Rubiaces de Mexico serves as an indispensable resource of information for scientists and professional experts working in the fields of botany, ecology, plant chemistry, agriculture, forestry, physic

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